Pitbull! Live in Manila

As of today I have a good 51 days until Pitbull comes to Manila for a concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on 30 November 2011.  Despite this fact, my excitement level is way off the roof, its as if the concert is happening tonight!

Cue Music: Tonight…give me everything tonight!

Pitbull’s collabs such as On the Floor (with Jennifer Lopez) and Give Me Everything (with Ne-yo, Afrojack and Nayer) are my go to tunes for the following purposes: a) to wake up my senses in the morning b) to make the polluted and crowded city-commute bearable and c) to keep my creative juices flowing when writing for work.

In club dance floors it is evident that Pitbull’s songs get the crowd revved up.  Its so much fun to see clubbers singing along to these upbeat songs.  Many attempt to do Pitbull’s fast rap parts that are challenging not just because of the speed but because of the unique mix of English and Spanish words and phrases.  Most who attempt to sing-along just manage to shout the words “Hey” or “Dale” (which means Go Ahead) to punctuate the tipsy, indecipherable lines they scream with gusto! Yep, both hands in the air.

I imagine things will sound so much better live. With a live band behind him and the actual Pitbull in the flesh, with his smoothly shaven head, glasses and suit rapping out lines that say “I know you want me…” in his distinct sexy voice will make for a fun and sweaty party night to remember.

I can’t wait til Mr. Worldwide finally brings the party to Manila!

I’ll surely be screaming “Yes, yes I want you!”

Watch the official concert plug found on Ovation Production’s Youtube channel here:  Pitbull Live in Manila Plug

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